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Keto salad breakfast and lunch

In recent years, “weight loss” and “dieting” has become a dated term and the word “diet” has been replaced with “detox” and some people have started looking for solutions in gluten-lactose free, vegan and vegetarian options.  This makes us feel better as we are not on a diet as such,  but instead just restricting one or more food groups because of a health problem.

The new era of “Gut Health”

Many people have actually found out that after many years of suffering from symptoms like bloating, energy loss, etc were actually due to gluten or lactose or some type of animal protein! And I have found out that I myself am part of this group.

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I first took up yoga in 2009 at my then office’s gym and it was an extremely busy period of my life with high stress levels and I although I wasn’t really aware of this at the time, I was also suffering from a kind of a mild depression.

I think many people can relate to this story, at difficult times we start searching for ways to decrease our stress levels and how to relax our muscles after a long day sitting at the computer, driving or just sitting to attention in the rounds of endless meetings at work! All of these can elevate our stress levels and create a huge discomfort that affects all areas of our lives – and unfortunately ultimately lead to a form of depression.

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Spicy rice stuffed mussels! One of the favourite summer classics in Turkey! How can you not have a bite of this or your mom’s favorite dish or a glass of ice cold Raki (A local spirit) and delicious fresh fruits or the artisanal ice cream or or or…the list goes on and on and on like crazy!


You may have also been following my new experiment with the ketogenic diet where I limit carb intake to 25g per day and the rest is fat, protein and vegetables only!
Once you start to limit your carbs you realise just how much life revolves around them!! And how much our holidays are planned and lived around meals we eat, and during almost every meal, we start to plan the next big breakfast…or another fish-mezze occasion or a local artisanal speciality:))
So, we could say it is pretty obvious, that whilst on holiday that we can not stick 100% to a “low-carb” or any type of calorie restricted diet – unless you have a health issue that requires 100% commitment.

However, I think I have found the best solution this year (at least until now, and one that works for me).

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Hair is a serious issue! It can make you very happy or very unhappy depending on many different things such as the style, but most importantly the condition! As your yoga teacher I would say don’t let it be your criteria for happiness! But as your friend I would say, I totally know what you mean!

However, I am one of the lucky ones – I have been blessed with lots and lots of well mannered hair! I did suffer some hair loss after births of my sons, but I am happy to say I still have enough left to get lots of compliments… (blush..blush!).

However, thinking back, I actually did quite a lot to keep my hair as healthy as possible. So I have decided to  share some of my hair care routines and secrets with you.

How do I take care of my hair?

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Keto salad breakfast and lunch

Ketogenic diet is the one where one gets most of his/her calories from healthy fats and limit carbohydrates to about 5% of daily calories. This way, the body learns to get its energy from fat, by creating ketons and burning fat rather than glucose. It gives the body more and sustainable energy, stops the sugar/carbohydrate cravings and helps you to each optimum fat level in the body.

I have been trying different diets since many many years! I got my first diet book when I was in the university and at the time the main concern was how to lose a few kilos in a healthy and conscious way.

Why did I decide to try?

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Almost everybody heard of mediation and many have been  doing it for years, enjoying its amazing benefits. Some of you though, are like me, quiet hesitant to try and discover it and feel like this is a “not for you”!

In today’s busy and stressful world, with many items on your “to do lists”, always multi-tasking and rushing from one place to another, we tend to forget about our own self, real desires and the purpose of our lives.

The accumulation of so much information and the stress makes the mind too noisy, loss of memories and issues with willpower, patience and inner peace.

Meditation is simply about concentrating and being able to focus the attention to one point. You might think that it is very easy yet being able to sit or even lie down still and focusing on one point is such a challenge for many of us. Read more…


Healthy living is not only about avoiding, it is also about discovering some new and natural stuff that makes our lives nicer and better!

If you are like me and always interested in different ways of enhancing the life in a more natural way, here I share my essential oils favorites.

I was pretty sceptical about the use of oils! I was also pretty afraid to make a mistake and do something bad for my health! A few years ago, it all started with the lavender oil, using it for my bath, mixing it with some bath salts or sprinkling it to my bed for a better sleep! It worked!

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Spring is a bit like new year to me! New decisions, resolutions, goals for a new season!

After the long grey days of winter, you start thinking again about the summer! And during this time, especially with Easter holiday on this side of the world, if you go for a vacation, change the environment for a while, gave a break to routines, then again coming back and getting into “mood” might be a bit difficult! Especially if you gained some weight during winter or holidays, lost your motivation to continue your healthier living efforts, “restarting” the system might be challenging..

So lets help each other here, to “jumping back on wagon”, start, re-start and enhance your healthy living lifestyle!

Here are some suggestions, that works for me, each time I give a break to daily routines.

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Spring is great but can also be overwhelming!

With the sunshine comes the blossoming trees, flowers, birds, bright and vibrant colors…everything is beautiful and renewing! Yet are you still feeling a little more tired and overwhelmed then usual?

Do you also have this dual feeling of spring energy but the need for more rest and sleep?

Well, welcome to the club! Spring is the time for renewal and change and this can take a lot of energy.

Untitled design-10

As nature renews itself, so do our bodies, with the change of the season from cold-grey days to sunny-long days. Even, changing the clocks and having more daylight in the evening might make you feel more tired, almost like you have jetlag. There is an on going hormonal balancing that makes you feel like you have a “hang-over” that you are trying to shake off from those long winter days.

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From my Detoxing Lunch Workshop


It appears that for some people, a lifestyle change of food comes easily. Vegans happily drop dairy; people with celiac forego gluten; diabetics resist sugar.  However, for most of us this journey is not ‘a piece of cake’! Take me, for example – I have Turkish origins and therefore absolutely adore yoghurt, feta, and ‘simit’ (a wheat bagel) with cheese. However, I have managed to regularly do a simple detox program for the last four years!
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