Vegan Challange

So everybody asked, “Why do you try? Why do you ever think of being vegan? what is wrong with you? Do you have some problems? Are you allergic to dairy?….”

  Yes it is possible to have a vegan family Sunday, hiking and picnicing with this wonderful view! And a simple-healthy-glutenfree breakfast just before that and a vegan 5 o’clock tea time, all in one day!  Here is how..

Here is a delicious, festive weekend vegan menu for you !! Choose any and enjoy with the whole family…Lentil balls recipe below and my vegan picnic ideas for day 7 will follow!

Oh yes! being vegan means you close your eyes to anything but green!!!! It gets more and more complicated as weekend comes!!

Now lets start with confessions!! My 4th day was not so good, actually, really bad! I had headaches, back pains, dizziness.. I am not sure if it is all related to vegan diet but some part must be!

Third day started nicely as I still love my granola and can resist the cheese plate until weekend!!

My second day as a vegan was fine, a bit more challenging as I did my first lunch out!

    I started my first full vegan day today, after my decision to go for a 30 day vegan challenge! I had an easy first day and I realised that many of my days were like this! Except at

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News time! Decided to be a vegan for 1 month!!! I am very anxious and excited!! Since the time I started my Health certificate program in IIN, I’ve been reading about the benefits from very credible experts. I am not

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