Detoxing Meals

Perfectionism in the simplicity! 3 ingredients, mini zucchini-garlic-olive oil and that’s it! 👌🏼 Baked in the oven until zucchinis surrender and garlics take the control!!😂 So so soo delicious! You must try this😋

Am I the only one who wants to jump and sit in these greens? One of my best moments back at home, Istanbul, is when I go to the vegetables (farmers) market, walking around the “greens” stall and inhaling the

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Where to start your healthier living efforts? Menu Planning! Yes, it is! If you can just spare 20 minute on each week, and start shopping and cooking  accordingly, that will be a great start for a healthier nutrition!

Another very simple idea for you, for lunch or for a brunch! Or like a side dish to dinner. Make an omelette with feta and herbs and fill it in your peppers. Top up with grated cheese or not, bake

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Fortunately somethings can be very simple in life, like a slice of baked cabbage!!

Here she is! All dressed up for you! Beleive it or not, cauliflower is amazing, baked with olive oil, mint, pepper, cumin and then tahini-garlic-lemon sauce, end with parsley-green onions-garlic-lemon juice! I met with this beauty at vegeterian restaurant in

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10 Day Detox Plan and Meal ideas