Do you need some motivation and inspiration for healthier living? Do you want to learn more about how to change some of your and your family’s habits?

Talking, sharing, discussing, learning so much during these sessions! We go through some life changing information and make and/or taste new recipes!

 Here are some feedback from the previous workshop attendees:

“Hi, Ceylan.
Thank you so much for teaching us so much about healthy food today. I was shocked to find out about many things and my shopping pattern will be very different from now on. Managed to tell my 7 year old son what you taught us today and he is very keen to watch The Sugar Film this weekend!”
“It was great and yes i am very motivated too!!! Only one cup of coffee so far today ☕️And I showed the video of the boys teeth to my kids and the utube video of sugar in our breakfast – I should have recorded his reaction 😧😧😳😳”
“What a great session that was yesterday!!! I feel so motivated all over again!! A huge thank you to Ceylan for everything and to everyone else too for coming over”
“Thank you Ceylan for a very educational and entertaining morning. My children are very unhappy with me as I’ve emptied all the rubbish from the kitchen cupboard!”
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 Coming Up Next:

And Detoxing Lunch & Snacks


Essential oils and Detoxing Lunch

31 March 2017 from 12:30 to 14:00

Would you like to learn more about essential oils, their benefits and how they can help you during spring for a healthier and lighter life sytle? A short presentation on essential oils will be followed by detoxing lunch and green juices.

Price: 25chf

Book Now:


If you are interested in any of the topics

Healthy, Happy, Body & Mind;

Healthy Snacking and Lunchboxes,

Detox 101 and Smoothies,

Sugar Addiction,

Sustainable Weight Loss Tips,

For students: Your Road to Health

just send me a message to

I can inform you whenever the nearest one or if you think your friends would be interested, I can give these workshops at your home, office or my place depending on the numbers!

The cost is between 20-30chf per person, depending on the number of person.

I am doing it for free for schools so if you think you want me to do Healthy Snacking and Lunchboxes workshop, at your schools to parents, or “Your Road To health” presentation to Year 6-7-8 kids, or “Nutrition Detectives” presentation to Year 3 kids, I would love to share my information with you!


Healthy Snacks and Lunchboxes-3

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IMG_6683IMG_6798 IMG_6815-1 IMG_6660

Healthy, Happy, Body & Mind-2

How about a healthy and delicious, Fitgourmet Lunch and talk about Healthy Living Tips and sharing some recipes?

Send me message to book a workshop with me!

Here are some pictures from my latest workshops:


Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.32.40


Detox Programs & Smoothies

IMG_9313IMG_8390image1 image3 image6 image7 image8IMG_9306


Hope to meet with you in one of them! Send me an email to invite my or come to my place if you are a group of minimum 5 friends : 



 Previous Workshops in Geneva:


I’ve done different detoxes myself and with my clients in past years and it is certain that everybody has to make their own version according to the needs and capabilities of their bodies and minds!

So if you learn more about your options, reasons and benefits, you might create your own program and benefit the most.

Our last Detox Workshop was great success with lots of discussions on how to overcome our fears around detoxing and sharing our experience and knowledge on this subject. We also tasted detoxing meals and drinks, which I am proud to have such nice compliments!


I hope to cover all these topics and make some smoothies and juices together with you during the workshop and taste some delicious detox friendly food!

You can find more details about detoxing in my blog post here.

Send me a message if you want to book your place,

Date: 20.01.2017, Friday

Time: 12:30-14:00

Place: Chambesy (Details will be shared)

Price: 30chf

Including smoothie & juices and healthy snacks (lunch) and handouts !


weight loss-8


What are the Top 10 Tips that will help you to get slimmer and healthier for lifetime? What if you hate diets but can make some small changes in your life that will ensure healthier life?


Your Road to Health, a presentation prepared by Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center

I use this  wonderful presentation to give the healthy living messages to kids (Year 6-9), in a fun and engaging way. I also add my own knowledge and short movies to enhance the message especially on sugar. Please contact me for presentations at your school, which is free of charge! Ideally it takes 3 periods but I have shorter version for 1 hour.

Ecolint Nations, January 2016



Healthy Snacks and Lunchboxes-3

Healthy Snacking and Lunch boxes for kids,

Ecolint Nations Campus




Events in Geneva in April 2015


27th April, 18:30, Introduction to Detox programs and Smoothie making&tasting

Smoothie 1
Come and join us for:
  • Learning the basics of a 10 Day Detox Diet (from Dr. Mark Hyman’s program)
  • Benefits of a detox and practical solutions for challenges
  • Delicious detox Smoothie making, recipes and tasting!
30 Chf, tasting, snacks, handouts included. Click to buy tickets.
Please make a reservation at


27th April, 19:00 Turkish Workshop on Detox (Süpriz konu ve konuğu yakında açıklayacağız!)

Events in Istanbul in March 2015

31.03.2015 Tuesday 18:30 Sahi Karaköy



image4 image5

Previous Events in Geneva in March

Let me know if you want another workshop on these subjects!


23.03.2015 Monday, 12:15-13:30 at Heritage Geneva Old Town