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I have learned and still learning so much from my clients! And here are some of them talking about me:)


E. ; Mom with 2 kids, Artist, Geneva

“Ceylan is an excellent coach who makes you feel comfortable and open to a better eating and healthy living experience.
She accompanies you throughout your entire journey by giving applicable information, kindly showing your mistakes, providing encouragement, motivating for better choices, being there for you when you feel stuck.
Her presence is reassuring and empowering. In addition to losing weight which was my first goal while working with her, I also gain a new consciousness about healthy eating and living habits which I value most. Now I know better how to nourish myself and my family.
Having her by your side in changing eating habits or fine tuning your healthy living choices will be the best gift you can give to yourself.
I should not forget to tell the exercise part of the process though. I admit I was a little skeptical about yoga at the beginning. How wrong I was.
A yoga session with Ceylan is an amazing experience I would like to recommend everyone. It is a combination of hardcore total body workout and a deeply relaxing stretching exercise that helps you regain your shape and reconnect with yourself.
Ceylan is an experienced and well equipped yoga instructor who could pace the rhythm and tone of each session according to your level and goals. Moreover, it is intimate and fun. Go and try it yourself, you will never regret. 😀”
R. Mom with 2 kids, Home chef, Starting the University again! Geneva
“My health coach introduced me to a new healthy lifestyle eating plan combined with physical activities. She guided me throughout my journey on weekly basis. She discussed many books and articles to support this healthy eating plan and to identify my previous bad habits. She stood by me to tackle any obstacles. 
To start with, I never imagined eating healthy is really the best plan. It was a big change but I was up to it! Also, I have a sweet tooth but healthy eating made my cravings less and less to sugar. It made me more confident with my food choices because now I know.
 I would never think of better coach than my coach. I was inspired by her enthusiasm to make me have a better eating lifestyle. She was supportive and always positive.
She guided me in a simple smooth way that I felt I needed more. With so much passion, she worked with me to achieve my goals” 
 D.K, Istanbul, Mom and Business Professional
“My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were to learn how to eat healthy, to lose weight and to feel my energized. My coach was able to help me work toward these goals by supporting me with the coaching sessions, offering solutions to the problems faced on the way but most importantly encouraging me to go on no matter what.
The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been other people noticing how much I have changed, both for how I look know and for how I integrated healthy living concept in my entire life.
My family also enjoyed this journey with me, my 12 year old daughter losing her extra six kilos by simply taking sugar out of her life and exercising more, my husband going back to his regular walks again.
The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my perception towards weight management. Diets come and go and unfortunately most of the time with a yo-yo effect. You lose weight and then you gain again.
This program is not a diet, it does not force or mandate you to do or not to do something. It simply shows the right food groups to consume and when to consume so that you add more variety of good food in your diet than taking out.I would describe my coach as very supportive, knowledgeable, energetic and fun and recommend my coach to anyone who wants to change their life in a better way by eating well, exercising well and feeling well.
Ceylan can help you to get on the right track and stay there for the rest of your life.It has been a wonderful journey – by the way it still is J – learning so much about myself, my strengths, my judgements, my feelings, learning once again to put myself and my well-being as a priority in my life which then affected my family very positively in return. ”

 I am grateful to all my clients who have thought me so much!