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I would love to do yoga with you, if you are living in Geneva. My place is in Chambesy and with a view of our garden, it is very quiet and peaceful. Send me an email for timings  for private or group classes to ceylanayik@fitgurme.com and my initial group class is for free!


Yoga Classes in Chambésy


Mondays:        10:00 – 11:00 

Tuesdays:       12:30 – 13:30 Gentle Yoga & Meditation starting as of 22.11.2016*

Wednesdays:  10:30 – 11:30 

Thursdays:      12:30 – 13:30 

Fridays:            09:30-10:30  (This is a Turkish Yoga class in the city centre, Swiss Pilates and Yoga, please email for more details)

‘All classes are a combination of hatha and power yoga and open to all levels ‘from beginners to advanced!’ 

* New Class on Tuesdays, for Hatha Yoga, where we will make a gentle series, breathing techniques and meditation for even more relaxation and energising effects.

We will also explore the Antastha Yoga in these lessons, a special style of Hatha Yoga. From the Sanskrit word antastha – “the deepest“ Antastha Yoga gradually brings you to that deepest place within you. Using a blindfold in each of its series at one point Antastha Yoga takes away all the distractions of daily life during your practice and encourages you to focus on your inner space, on pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses. Learn More about Antastha Yoga. and my training in Goa!


Group Classes

CHF30 per class (drop in)
CHF25 for 10 classes pack

(CHF250 payable in advance and valid for 3 months from date of purchase)

Private Classes
Chambésy Studio:
CHF80 per class
CHF75 for 10 classes (CHF750 payable in advance and valid for 3 months from date of purchase)

Semi-private classes for 2 people
CHF90 – CHF45 per person
CHF80 for 10 classes – CHF40 per person
(CHF800 payable in advance and valid for 3 months from date of purchase)

Please ask for private classes at your place.

*Fitgurme reserves the right to change prices at any given time with advanced warning.
Cancellation Policy
Once booked any cancellations made less then 24 hours before your class commences will be charged at full rate or deducted from your package.

Some Notes for New Comers!
My little studio in Chambésy is ideally situated, easily accessible and overlooks my beautiful garden. Classes are small and intimate with no more than 5 students per group.

There are 3 parking spaces available in my drive or alternatively in the street just below my house.

Shower and changing facilites are available.

Looking forward to meeting you on the mat!

Stay Fit & Healthy-3

Register for group lessons

If you are looking for a small and cosy group yoga lesson, for about 3-5 person, in a peaceful studio, you might want to try my group lessons.

I try to give my care and attention to each student and make necessary adjustments with my full presence.

I love combining a little bit of Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques during and end of the sessions.

We stretch, sweat, relax and have some laughter, helping us to calm down our minds and detox some toxins away! 

Send me an email to ceylanayik @ fitgurme.com to register one or more of the classes.

Book for a Private Lesson

If you need a yoga lesson to be tailored only for you, this could be good option.

You might be a complete beginner and not sure if you want or can handle group classes or you might have a specific problem that needs special care and attention for sometime.

And again, I make necessary adjustments with my full presence and love combining some Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques during and end of the sessions.

Send me an email to ceylanayik @ fitgurme.com to book your place.

Stay Fit & Healthy-2

Check out my Youtube Channel for more yoga with Fitgourmet!




As I am a Health & Nutrition Coach, I also have combined packages for Power Yoga & Nutrition Programs for staying or becoming fit, losing weight, increasing energy and improving digestion.

Initial session is for free and then you can choose one my packages.

I also make Detox & Yoga programs where my clients enjoy a full detailed detox plan plus an hour of Yoga if they want to!

You can find more details in here.

Don’t miss the Welcome Pack, if you are new to Fitgourmet Programmes!

See you on the mat!

And if we can not do it together, I hope you give it a try or if you already tried, just keep on practising.

My Story with Yoga


I love yoga! With yoga, I found the best solution for my body, mind and soul! It helps me sweat, relax, calm down, or energise me, depending on what I need on that particular practice.

Yoga is much more then a practice with roots dating back to thousands of years in India. Yoga as a word means “to unite”, uniting the body, mind and soul through the breath and asanas (physical asanas-practice).  It has a deep philosophy on the ideal way of living with its own moral rules and you can choose to go deeper and read-understand and apply them or simply start from practicing the physical part, breathing techniques and meditation first and then decide on how deep you want to go.

I am a certified Power Yoga Teacher and I did my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Geneva, Switzerland and I did 100 hour Advanced Yoga teacher Training on Hatha and Antastha Yoga in Goa, India.

I give lessons at my place or yours and  I really love teaching! I enjoy it so much that even I am surprised as this was not my first motivation to start that training! I give my full attention and energy to my students, adjust their moves when necessary and prepare classes according to their needs.


I started yoga 7 years ago and prior to that I enjoyed doing pilates (and still am!) thanks to my wonderful trainer Heidi in Istanbul! I know how a teacher can make a difference in loving or hating a practice! My dream is to be able to spread my passion for yoga to everyone who wants and needs (especially to ones who actually are not aware of it!).

I am a very enthusiastic student in yoga, learning from my clients and my teachers, everyday!


I started all this journey since I have herniated disks at my back and always had back and neck pain that stops me from being as active as I want to be. I probably hurt myself during my childhood where I was doing rhythmic gymnastics and with 2 births and a very demanding career back in Istanbul, driving about 2-3 hours everyday, it got worse and worse!

First pilates and then yoga gave me my health, freedom and confidence to my body, back! I am really grateful for all the gurus who invented and continued this tradition till now!! And I hope to be able to stay on my head until about 90 years of age!! I hope you can find your type of exercise which gives you the same feeling.

IMG_3572 IMG_9136

The yoga style I fell in love and got the training for is Power Yoga (Vinayasa). It is a dynamic form of yoga where you practice mostly in a flow, sweat more and at the end relax more!  I really am so happy to discover this form of yoga as it really fits my character and expectations from a practice, that is to be able to sweat, relax, increase flexibility and muscle strength, improve the breathing capacity.



So this is very personal and you’d never know if you give it a try! I feel stronger, lighter and happier when I finish my yoga practice and I carry it everywhere I go-so it is not limited to a dark and smelly studio environment (which I enjoy in a weird way!!).