Hi! I am Ceylan, living in Geneva, Switzerland, coming from the sunny Istanbul, Turkey! I am 43 years old, have 2 boys, age 12 and 9, a great husband to follow from Istanbul to Baku, Azerbaijan (2006-9), to here in Switzerland since 2012.

I worked in the marketing department of international companies, for products that I try to limit now! I was in the food and beverages industry for more than 15 years, did many new product launches and campaigns myself! I was a busy working mom, trying to manage my time among my family, house, work, sports, probably know the story!


I have always loved food and cooking, started reading cookbooks as early as high school and started cooking at my university years. I even had a radio show called Studio Kitchen, during that time. However, I also had this tendency to gain weight very quickly and was not a regular sporting person! I loved everything about our traditional cuisine, all the white-flour-sugar-rice combinations! As Mediterranean culture, most of our social occasions were around the delicious tables, always like a feast! Cooking for my guests were my usual hobby even at my busiest years! I had a food blog called Ceylandan for about 5 years where I shared my recipes and food journeys all around the world!


My interest in weight loss programs started during my teenage years, where I gained my extra weight during the usual puberty transitions. I was always known to carry my “diet” crackers everywhere I go and my colleagues always knew that they can find some healthy snacks in my office drawer! I tried and read about diets and nutrition almost as much as cooking!

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Giving another career break here in Geneva and meeting with Institute Of Integrative Nutrition, and doing a 300hour yoga teacher training, helped me to see that, “balance” and “long term health” are my key values.

I have been trying to do it by myself already for years, balancing a fit and gourmet life with a strong concern in my and my family’s health! That is how I started my blog Fitgurme, in Turkish and English in 2012.


Now with my Health & Nutrition Coach and Yoga Teacher Certifications,  I have the chance to share my trainings, experience and knowledge with my friends, family and clients!

My goal is to enjoy the gourmet part of life, stay healthy and fit, be able run after (or better with!) my grandchildren, and starting today until my 90s, be able to do things I want to for my family, myself, the community  and the world! Very stretched and ambitious goal I know, but what would I lose if I try doing it??

I hope you can join me and we can meet one day to talk about your goals!

Till then, have a fit and gourmet life!

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My Story in a coffee cup!!

My story is not a big deal compared to many of you but I did change my habits!

☕️☕️From drinking 4-5cups of coffee+1 liter of diet coke+1cup of tea a DAY to only 2 cups of green/herbal tea and 1 cup of coffee every now and then. Imagine the change in caffein in take?!

From eating carbs (simit/cracker with cheese for example) almost every afternoon to nuts/yogurt/fruit!

From in front of TV snacking in the evening to green juices!!

From almost no exercise or sometimes making huge efforts for pilates or yoga once or twice a week to physical activity everyday!

From an office-car-home life to more nature-less car-more public transport or walking-and free lance home/outside office!

Of course life in Switzerland and my new career in health coaching are biggest contributors but still I guess it is doable anywhere you are if you decide to make a change!

The picture on the top-left is from my most “unhappy” days, worst career experience and really a stressed mom of 2, sitting in traffic and working day and night for an energy sucking business environment!

Then I changed my job, got better with eating/drinking and exercising but still had to travel about 2-3hours per day. It took me couple of years to start feeling better but I think the major difference happened in the last year with my health&nutrition coaching training.

I am still in a journey, long way to go, the picture on the top right is not showing enough my improvement areas (that’s why I chose it of course!!).

I love this feeling of being in a journey and having higher goals every time!

And I believe if I can keep up with my family+friends+ gratitude+LOVE+giving+yoga+walking+clean eating+good sleep+happy career combination, then the journey will be great!!

Do you have any additions to this formula?